Apple pay payment token lifespan

Dear team,

we are using apple pay through square web payment sdk, the process is as square document introduced:

  1. our web gets a payment token for apple pay through square web payment sdk;
  2. our backend application calls square payment API with the payment token to create a payment in square

may i know what would happen to customer if we just do above 1. to get a payment token, but NOT do above 2. to create a payment with the token?
such as, will the customer be charged? or charged and then refunded after the payment token expired?


If the returned token isn’t used within 24 hours it will expire. The token isn’t a charge on the card. Its just tokenized card information that’s passed to Square. Once the token is passed to Square with an amount will the card be charged. :slightly_smiling_face:

understood, thanks so much :+1: