Apple pay payment issue

Hi I am trying to test the apple pay in sandbox mode. In Square document apple pay section they said we need to use Original card details for apple pay sandbox because Apple is not accepted the square test cards for apple pay sandbox. So we added the live/original card for apple pay.

**Now we are facing one issue that is, we added the original card that is ending with (for example) 1234 is the last four digit of that original card and we make the one payment then when we are going to check this payment is Square Sandbox dashboard that payment card number is displayed as 3081 but this is not the original card number that we made the transaction. So we confused here we made the transaction for the card number is 1234 but its displayed the card number is 3081. is there anything we missed in code? **

We followed this document only →

Please share your thoughts!

:wave: With sandbox this is expected. While you entered valid card information we won’t log that information in the transaction with sandbox. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the info. So In Production we will get the correct card information. correct ?

Yes, that is correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bryan,

Thanks. we will check that in Production and will let you know. :slight_smile:

Hi Bryan,

We have done one production Transaction using Apple Pay in iOS mobile side. But still we are facing that same issue, We used Credit card for apple pay is original but in Square dashboard showing the visa card as 3081 (this is wrong). But this is not the actual card that we provided. Here is the link for the receipt

Please check this and share your thoughts.


With Apple Pay the real last 4 numbers of the card aren’t exposed to the merchant. Apple Pay only exposes the device account number last 4. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for info. Between where we can get the device account number ? also how can we process refund for apple pay transaction ? because we did not get the last four digit of card number instead we get the last 4 digit of device account number.

Please share your thoughts !

With Apple Pay the device account number is the full card number Apple provides for the card. This isn’t accessible. With Square the last 4 isn’t necessary for issuing a refund. You will be able to issue a refund like any other payment. :slightly_smiling_face: