Android ReaderSDK orientation screen

Hi, I have a problem with the screen rotation.

The application does not generate the orientation change, but entering the ReaderSDK configuration screen allows the change.


- Orientation changes

Do you know what I can change to keep the ReaderSDK in PORTRAIT?

:wave: Have you tried setting it in the AndroidManifest.xml, withandroid:screenOrientation="portrait" . I see some StackOverflow about putting it in <application> , but you’d have put it in <activity> instead. Which means you’ll need to put a reference to “our” ReaderSdkPaymentActivity into “your” AndroidManifest, with minimal stuff in it, and letting the manfiest merging do its thing which is both sets of attributes together, mostly ours but also their screenOrientation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Reviewing the official android documentation, I don’t understand how it could be placed in application… →

And there is no reference to →

Previously I responded to your examples, but I still can’t solve my problem… Will you have an example, I still can’t find how to apply your solutions.

Been working with @raiseralex21 on this, and @Bryan-Square was part of the way there! Turns out the activity we needed was actually com.squareup.ui.main.ApiMainActivity.

So in your manifest you can simply add the following code snippet bellow and the orientation should stay locked:

<activity android:name="com.squareup.ui.main.ApiMainActivity"
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