ReaderSDK Android latest specs

Can I please confirm that the following is still correct when building ReaderSDK on Android?

The Square developer website says:

Prerequisites and assumptions

To build with the Reader SDK, the following must be true:

“Your application targetSdkVersion is API 29 (Q, 10.0) or earlier.”


“The Reader SDK is not supported on Android versions earlier than API 19 (KitKat, 4.4). Square does not recommend targeting Android versions later than API 29 (Q, 10.0) with the Reader SDK.”

“Your application uses Google Play Services version 16.0.1. Square cannot guarantee that the SDK works with different versions of these libraries.”

So Android is now up to API 31 I believe which means that Square is now 2 versions behind. Can you please confirm that this is still the case.
Also the Google Play Services is now up to version 19.0.1 Is it still the case that we should only use 16.0.1?

Square website:

"Add the Reader SDK dependencies.

dependencies {
def readerSdkVersion = “1.5.1”
implementation “com.squareup.sdk.reader:reader-sdk-”

I somehow managed to download and use version (Android) def readerSdkVersion 1.5.3
Is it now Ok to use this version?

Hey @alipete, Reader SDK is currently targeting API 30 and you can specify up to readerSdkVersion 1.5.4 in Gradle. Thanks for checking; we’ll be publishing an update to that documentation soon!

When I update my readerSdkVersion to 1.5.4 and Make the Project in Android Studio I get the following error.

The minCompileSdk (31) specified in a
dependency’s AAR metadata (META-INF/com/android/build/gradle/
is greater than this module’s compileSdkVersion (android-30).

:wave: You’ll need to make sure that you are targeting API 30 for it to compile instead of API 31. :slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed that there is now a new version of the Android Reader SDK 1.6.1

I notice also that the min API version has now increased to API 24.

Does this version still target API 30 or can we now target API 31 or API 32?

Will there be an update to the documentation soon particularly in regard to other dependencies?

At this time there is no update on the target version. Well be sure to update the documentation once a new version can be targeted. :slightly_smiling_face: