2021-09-15 Changelog

Web Payments SDK
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2021-09-15
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Web Payments SDK version 1.0 updates

The Web Payments SDK has been updated for performance, bug fixes, and support for locales.

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  • payments.setLocale() now supports these locale/languages:

    • 'en-IE'
    • 'en-CA'
    • 'en-GB'
    • 'en-AU'
    • 'fr-CA'
    • 'es-US'

    UI prompts now render in a language/region appropriate way. For example, an English language postal code prompt would render as "Enter a valid postal code", "Enter a valid postcode", or "Enter a valid zip code" depending on the region set.

  • GiftCard payment method - input event types and descriptions: There are now GiftCard payment method-specific input events

  • Fixed card payment entry display issues on older versions of Firefox and Safari.

  • Add fr-FR and es-ES as supported languages. Added support for the French language in France and the Spanish language in Spain.

  • Memoized Square.payments: Calling window.Square.payments() multiple times results in better performance by insuring that the same Payments instance is always returned for subsequent calls.