2020-04-22 Changelog

Customers API
Catalog API
Devices API
Terminal API
Payments API
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Version summary

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API releases

Note: This release corrects a defect in SDK version 5.2.0 released April 22, 2020.

  • Terminal API. The new Terminal API lets a custom third-party POS app integrate with the Square Terminal to send terminal checkout requests to collect payments.

  • Devices API. The new Devices API lets a custom third-party POS app generate a code used to sign in to a Square Terminal to create a pairing that lets the POS app send terminal checkout requests. For technical reference, see Devices API.

  • Customer Groups API (beta). The new Customer Groups API (Beta) enables full CRUD management of customer groups, including the ability to list, retrieve, create, update, and delete customer groups. Previously, this functionality was only available through the Square dashboard and point-of-sale product interfaces.

  • Customer Segments API (beta). The new Customer Segments API (Beta) lets you list and retrieve customer segment (also called smart groups) information. Coupled with the new segment_ids field on the customer resource, this API lets you better understand and track the customer segments to which a customer belongs.

  • New webhooks. v2 Webhooks (beta) now supports webhooks for the following APIs:

    • Orders API. order.created, order.updated, and order.fulfillment.updated
    • Terminal API. terminal.checkout.created and terminal.checkout.updated
    • Devices API. device.code.paired

    For more information, see Subscribe to Events.

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Existing API updates

  • Customers API

    • AddGroupToCustomer endpoint. Added to add customer memberships to a customer group.
    • RemoveGroupFromCustomer endpoint. Added to remove customer memberships from a customer group.
    • Customer object. Updated as follows:
      • group_ids field. Added to designate groups the customer is in.
      • segment_ids field. Added to designate segments the customer is in.
      • groups field. Deprecated to be replaced by group_ids and segment_ids. It remains supported for one year from this release.
    • CustomerQuery object's filter parameter. Updated as follows:
      • group_ids filter. Added to search for customers based on whether they belong to any, all, or none of the specified groups.
  • Orders API

    • OrderFulfillmentPickupDetails type updated to support curbside pickup:
      • is_curbside_pickup. This Boolean field indicates curbside pickup.
      • CurbsidePickupDetails. This type provides supporting information for curbside pickup, including a buyer description (for example, "buyer is in a red car") and a timestamp when the buyer arrived for the pickup.
  • OAuth API

  • Catalog API

    • CatalogQuickAmountsSettings type. Added to support predefined custom payment amounts in the Square Register checkout dialog box.
    • ENUMCatalogItemProductType. The ENUM value GIFT_CARD is now deprecated.
  • Payments API. See Take Payments and Collect Fees for updated information about permission requirements, Square reporting of the application fee collected by an app, and how to collect fees internationally.