2019-12-17 Changelog

Connect v2
CashDrawerShifts API
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Square is excited to announce the public release of customized SDKs for Java and .NET. For more information, see Square SDKs.

  • GA release: SDKs updated to support new receipt_url and receipt_number fields added to the Payment type.

  • Beta release: SDKs updated to support the new CashDrawerShifts API.

  • Square now follows the semantic versioning scheme for all SDKs except PHP and Node.js. This versioning scheme uses three numbers to delineate MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH versions of our SDK. In addition, the SDK version also includes the API version so you know what Square API version the SDK is related to. For more information, see Versioning and SDKs.

    • Java, .Net, Python, and Ruby SDKs are now version 4.0.0. Java and .Net SDKs have breaking changes in version 4.0.0. Ruby and Python do not have breaking changes.