2019-03-13 Changelog

Employees API
Labor API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2019-03-13
  • .NET: 2.15.0
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  • New API: Labor API — includes functionality that gives a Square account the ability to track and retrieve employee labor hours including multiple hourly wage rates per employee, work shift break tracking, and standardized break templates. See the Labor API guide for more information.
  • New API: Employees API — includes the ability to list employees for a Square account and retrieve a single employee by ID. See the Employees API guide for more information.
  • Improved functionality: OAuth.ObtainToken — ObtainToken now returns a refresh token along with an access token. Refresh tokens are used to renew expired OAuth access tokens.
  • Deprecated functionality: OAuth.RenewToken — The OAuth.RenewToken endpoint is now deprecated and replaced with new functionality in OAuth.ObtainToken. For more information, see the Migrate to Refresh Tokens guide.

The new SDKs are available through most popular package managers and on GitHub:

PHP   | Node.js   | Ruby   | Python   | .NET   | Java

Did you know?

We are constantly evaluating new languages to add. In the meantime, if the language you need is not supported, you can always send JSON to the endpoint URLs directly.