2018-12-05 Changelog

Connect v1
Connect v2
Customers API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2018-12-05
  • .NET: 2.12.0
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  • New functionality: Customers.CreateCustomer — Requests to the CreateCustomer endpoint now include a idempotency_key field to ensure idempotent creation of new profiles.
  • New functionality: V1Refund — now supports refund adjustments for the Connect v1 Refunds API with the addition of multiple new fields in the Refund data type.

The new SDKs are available through most popular package managers and on GitHub:

PHP   | Node.js   | Ruby   | Python   | .NET   | Java

Did you know?

We are constantly evaluating new languages to add. In the meantime, if the language you need is not supported, you can always send JSON to the endpoint URLs directly.