2018-10-24 Changelog

Connect v1
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2018-09-18
  • .NET: 2.11.1
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  • New functionality: V1Payment.is_partial — Indicates whether or not the payment is only partially paid for. If true, the payment will have the tenders collected so far, but the itemizations will be empty until the payment is completed.
  • New functionality: V1Tender.tendered_at and V1Tender.settled_at — help resolve timing around payments with multiple tenders. Invoices that involve partial payment (e.g., requiring a deposit) may include tenders settled well before the entire payment is completed:
    • V1Tender.tendered_at — The time when the tender was accepted by the merchant.
    • V1Tender.settled_at — The time when the tender was captured, in ISO 8601 format. Typically the same as (or within moments of) tendered_at unless the tender was part of a delay capture transaction.
  • New functionality: V1Transactions.CreateRefund — rejects requests for invoices that have partial payments pending.
  • New functionality: V1Transactions.ListPayments — takes a new request field, include_partial to indicate whether partial payments should be included in the response.

The new SDKs are available through most popular package managers and on GitHub:

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Did you know?

We are constantly evaluating new languages to add. In the meantime, if the language you need is not supported, you can always send JSON to the endpoint URLs directly.