2017-11-02 Changelog

Connect v2
Transactions API
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We have released version 2.5 of our SDK client libraries. Version 2.5 includes new functionality for the Transactions API and endpoints for a new Reporting API.

  • New functionality: Transactions API — Supports multiparty transactions with the AdditionalRecipient data type representing an additional recipient (in other words, a recipient other than the merchant or Square) receiving a portion of a tender. For more information we suggest reading the Collect Fees cookbook recipe.
  • New API: Reporting API — supports reporting on additional recipient transactions. For more information, see the Report on Additional Recipient Receivables cookbook recipe.

The new SDKs are available through most popular package managers and on GitHub:

PHP   | Node.js   | Ruby   | Python   | .NET   | Java

Did you know?

We are constantly evaluating new languages to add. In the meantime, if the language you need is not supported, you can always send JSON to the endpoint URLs directly.