2023-02-10 Changelog

In-App Payments SDK
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  • Square Version: 2023-01-19
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In-App Payments SDK: Android 1.6.0


In-App Payment SDK version 1.6.0 includes an important update that mitigates the risk of declining 3-D Secure (3DS) payments.

If you are using In-App Payment SDK versions earlier than 1.6.0 for Android, you must upgrade to 1.6.0 so that the SDK can process 3DS-enabled payments. The SDK will decline 3DS-enabled payments made after March 31, 2023 if the SDK version is earlier than 1.6.0.

To upgrade the version, update the version number in the In-App Payments SDK dependency in the module build.gradle file. For more information, see Step 1: Add the In-App Payments SDK dependency.

  • In-App Payments SDK for Android 1.6.0