2022-09-26 Changelog

Reader SDK
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  • Square Version: 2022-09-21
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Android Reader SDK: Android 1.7.1

Reader SDK v1.7.1 now supports applications targeting Android API 31, in accordance to Google's Play Store guidelines. However, if you're adopting version 1.7.1, you will need to make a change to your application code, regardless of whether you use Google Play Store or want to target Android API 31.

If you do update the new target SDK version (which is recommended), you will need to update both the Reader SDK version and the target SDK version. For an example of how to perform this step from the Reader SDK Android quickstart application, click here.

If you don't update the target SDK version, you'll still need to update the Reader SDK version and also add lines to AndroidManifest.xml to remove the new Bluetooth permissions from the Android application. The required lines are illustrated and commented out in the Quickstart application here.


Square recommends upgrading the target version to API 31 by November 2022. Otherwise, you won't be able to deploy applications that don't target API 31 to Google Play Store.