2019-02-13 Changelog

Reader SDK
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New release: Reader SDK

  • Android version: 1.1.3
  • iOS version: 1.1.1
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Store customer card

Use the new CustomerCardManager (Android) or StoreCustomerCardController (iOS) objects to store a customer card on file. Customers must provide a valid email address and billing zip code. And the card must be linked to an existing Square customer profile to save a card on file.

  • See the Customers API Overview for more information about working with customer profiles.
  • See the Save Cards on File recipe in the Reader SDK cookbook for more information about saving customer cards on file.

New Card properties

The Card object now includes the following properties:

  • expirationMonth
  • expirationYear
  • id(Android) or cardID(iOS)
  • cardholderName()

The new properties are only set for Card instances supplied in the result of the store card flow. In all other contexts, the fields will be null (e.g,. in TenderCardDetails after a checkout).

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Always skip signature

Square now allows sellers to skip collecting signatures on all card transactions. Previously, the option was only available for transactions under $25. Set the new collectSignature checkout parameter to indicates whether signature collection is required during checkout.

The collectSignature parameter replaces alwaysRequireSignature, which has been deprecated and will be ignored by the SDK.

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Bug fixes

  • Removed SocketRocket Framework from iOS SDK to avoid dependency conflicts.
  • Various small bug and crash fixes.