2022-06-02 Changelog

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Documentation updates

  • Gift Cards API:

    • Walkthrough 2: Use a Gift Card topics. Updated to include the application flow for taking a gift card payment using the ID of a gift card on file.

      Using a gift card ID as the source_id for a CreatePayment request is now supported in the Sandbox environment. After the gift card payment is completed, Square updates the gift card balance. Previously, this feature was only supported in production. This is a service-level change that applies to all Square API versions.

  • Terminal API:

    • Technical reference updates:
      • CreateTerminalAction endpoint. Updated the description to more accurately describe the behavior of the endpoint. Updated the description of the save_card_options property as well.
      • CreateTerminalCheckout endpoint. Added information about the accept_partial_authorization field and how the field cannot be set to true if an order_id is not specified in the response body.
  • Web Payments SDK: