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2022-01-20 Changelog

Square Loyalty API Locations API Merchants API Catalog API Bookings API

Version Summary


  • Bookings API:

  • Catalog API:

  • Locations API:

    • Address object. The following fields have been marked as internal to remove them from the public documentation:

      • sublocality_2

      • sublocality_3

      • administrative_district_level_2

      • administrative_district_level_3

      • first_name

      • last_name

      • organization

  • Loyalty API:

    • LoyaltyProgramAccrualRule object. Retired the following type-specific fields:

      • catalog_object_id

      • excluded_category_ids

      • excluded_item_variation_ids

      • spend_amount_money

      • visit_minimum_amount_money

      These fields are replaced by fields in the new LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleCategoryData, LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleItemVariationData, LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleSpendData, and LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleVisitData objects. For more information, see Migration notes.

    • tax_mode field. Added this field to the new LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleSpendData and LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleVisitData objects. This field specifies how tax is treated when calculating the purchase amount used for loyalty points accrual. Also added the corresponding LoyaltyProgramAccrualRuleTaxMode enum.

  • Merchants API:

    • Merchant object. Added the following attribute:

      • created_at. A timestamp field that specifies the time the merchant is created.

  • Locations API. Made major documentation changes to clarify details about the main location, added new sections about permissions and images, and moved information about the location language code to the Language Preferences for Applications topic.

  • Working with Addresses. Added a new topic, which describes the address format used by Square for various APIs.

  • Terminal API:

    • Updated the API descriptions in the technical reference to note how long TerminalCheckout and TerminalRefunds are available, which is 30 days.

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