2019-09-25 Changelog

Locations API
Payments API
Catalog API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2019-09-25
  • .NET: 2.23.0
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  • GA release: New Merchant API. Supports RetrieveMerchant endpoint. We recommend you use this V2 endpoint to retrieve merchant information that v1/me endpoint provides.

  • GA release: The Card type includes a new field (bin). Also, the Payments API now populates the cardholder_name field of the Card type.

  • GA release: The CardPaymentDetails type now supports new fields (verification_results, statement_description, and verification_method). Also, the Payments API now populates the application_identifier, application_name, and application_cryptogram fields of the CardPaymentDetails type.

  • GA release: The Payment type now includes a new field, (employee_id). It is the employee to whom the payment is attributed to in the point of sale.

  • GA release: The Catalog API now has a CatalogVersionUpdated webhook, which sends a notification whenever a merchant's catalog is updated.

  • Beta release: New endpoints (RetrieveLocation, UpdateLocation) added to the Locations API.

  • Beta release: New field (mcc) added to the Location type. This field is added to bring parity with the business_type field returned by the v1/me endpoint.

  • Beta release: Metadata support added for the Orders API.