2019-08-15 Changelog

Connect v2
Locations API
Orders API
Payments API
Refunds API
Transactions API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2019-08-14
  • .NET: 2.22.0
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  • Deprecation: Transactions API and Reporting API
    • The Transactions API is fully deprecated in favor of the new Payments API and Refunds API functionality.
    • The Reporting API is fully deprecated in favor of the new Orders API functionality.
  • GA release: Payments API
    • New endpoints: CreatePayment, GetPayment, ListPayments, CompletePayment, CancelPaymentByIdempotencyKey, and CancelPayment
    • New datatypes: Payment, ProcessingFee, CardPaymentDetails, BalancePaymentDetails
  • GA release: Refunds API
    • New endpoints: RefundPayment, GetPaymentRefund, and ListPaymentRefunds.
    • New datatypes: PaymentRefund
  • GA release: Orders API
    • Pickup Fulfillments moves from BETA to GA.
    • SearchOrders endpoint moves from BETA to GA.
    • ServiceCharges moves from BETA to GA.
    • Increased functionality: Order objects can be paid with payments made with the Payments API.
  • BETA release: Orders API
    • New endpoint: Orders.UpdateOrder — use the UpdateOrder endpoint to update existing orders.
    • New functionality: Use the PayOrder endpoint to pay orders with multiple payments or pay zero total orders.
    • New functionality: Create Shipment type fulfillments.
  • BETA release: Square Sandbox v2 — all v2 Square APIs except Labor API and Employees API are supported in the sandbox beta.
  • BETA release: Square Gift Card support in Payments API, Orders API.
  • Changed functionality: Monetary amounts in v2 Square APIs can now be negative. Previously, amounts could only be positive. Existing Money fields will stay positive-only and new fields that can hold negative values will explicitly document the meaning of a negative or positive amount in the documentation.


Known Orders API Beta Feature Issues

  • If the customer_id or tender field for an order is updated through the Seller dashboard, the order will not be updated and will continue to show the original customer information.
  • The customer_id on a tender in an order may not match the customer shown in the Dashboard.
  • Tenders returned with Orders may not have the most up-to-date processing_fee_money information. The most up-to-date data can be found by searching for the related tender ID through the Payments API.