2019-05-08 Changelog

Connect v2
Inventory API
Locations API
Orders API
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2019-05-08
  • .NET: 2.18.0
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  • BETA release: Orders API
    • New endpoint: SearchOrders — search orders created through the Orders API or Square Point of Sale using relevant criteria such as date, source, or state.
    • Improved functionality: Order.LineItem.quantity — supports fractional quantities in Orders.
    • New functionality: Return information — Orders now encapsulate information about returns with the Order.returns field and OrderReturn datatype.
    • New functionality: Payment (tender) and refund information — Orders now encapsulate payment details with the Order.tenders field and refund details with the Order.refunds field.
    • Improved functionality: Read historical transactions as Orders — itemization and transaction data are now fully contained in all Order objects (new and existing). With this change, Order objects functionally replace Connect v2 Transaction objects as all sales, itemized returns and exchanges are available for retrieval as orders, regardless of whether they were created through the Point of Sale or the Connect APIs.
    • New functionality: Additional details about Orders — Orders now include information about the order state (e.g., open, completed), auditing timestamps (e.g., creation, update, closure), and summary information related to payment.
  • BETA release: Inventory API
    • Improved functionality: Fractional quantities in inventory counts — The Inventory API now supports fractional quantities for computed (Inventory.InventoryCount.quantity) and physical counts (Inventory.InventoryPhysicalCount.quantity).
  • New functionality: Business hours information — Location objects now include details about the business hours for the location under Location.business_hours.


Existing Orders integrations must be updated to handle decimal quantities as of Square-Version 2019-05-08. Applications pinned to previous versions will return 1 as the quantity and the item name will include the true fractional quantity info.