2018-07-12 Changelog

Connect v2
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Version summary

  • Square Version: 2018-07-12
  • .NET: 2.10.0
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Square API versions (Square-Version) track changes in the evolution of Connect v2 APIs. The Square-Version naming scheme is YYYY-MM-DD, which indicates the date the version was released. Connect v1 APIs are not versioned. Square continues to support Connect v1, but future releases will focus on improving Connect v2 functionality.

By default, new Square applications are pinned to the version current at the time the application was created in the Square Application Dashboard. Pinning an application sets the default Square-Version for the application. The default Square-Version of an application can be reviewed and updated at any time on the settings pages for the application.

Due to string limitations for VERSIONINFO in Windows OS, versioning for the .NET Connect SDK follows as strict numeric iteration. Make sure to check the compatible SDK version in the most recent changelog to determine SDK compatibility.