2018-05-24 Changelog

Connect v1
Connect v2
Customers API
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  • New functionality: Customers.ListCustomers endpoint supports sorting — The endpoint provides the ability to sort customers by their creation date using the sort_field and sort_order parameters.
  • New functionality: V1Transactions (Payments) supports surcharges — The endpoint now returns information about surcharges applied to payments. The new functionality introduces the following new data types:
  • New datatype: SurchargeMoney — The total of all surcharges applied to the payment.
  • New datatype: Surcharges — A list of all surcharges associated with the payment.
  • New datatype: Surcharge — A surcharge that is applied to the payment. One example of a surcharge is auto-gratuity, which is a fixed-rate surcharge applied to every payment, often based on party size.
  • New functionality: V1Item has 2 new fields — The Connect v1 datatype Item now includes a category_id property to indicate if an item can be added to pickup orders from the merchant's online store and available_for_pickup to indicate the item category (if any).