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Register domain



Activates a domain for use with Apple Pay on the Web and Square.

A validation is performed on this domain by Apple to ensure that it is properly set up as an Apple Pay enabled domain.

This endpoint provides an easy way for platform developers to bulk activate Apple Pay on the Web with Square for merchants using their platform.

Note: The SqPaymentForm library is deprecated as of May 13, 2021, and will only receive critical security updates until it is retired on October 31, 2022. You must migrate your payment form code to the Web Payments SDK to continue using your domain for Apple Pay. For more information on migrating to the Web Payments SDK, see Migrate to the Web Payments SDK.

To learn more about the Web Payments SDK and how to add Apple Pay, see Take an Apple Pay Payment.

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Request body

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A domain name as described in RFC-1034 that will be registered with ApplePay.

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Response fields

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Any errors that occurred during the request.

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The status of the domain registration.