Webhooks Whitelisting IP Address

Hello, I’m using the inventory webhooks to update my web app. It’s a private web app and to maximize the security of it, I wanted to start whitelisting IPs.

Is there any documentation on what IP the webhooks will come from? If I am able to find the IP address, and add it to my whitelist, will the IP address be the same forever?

Thank you and have a lovely day.

Unfortunately our webhooks do not come from a static IP address at this time, so this wouldn’t work currently. We hope to achieve this in the future but I Do not have an ETA on when it might happen.

I just got an Email from square that stated that webhooks haven’t been able to be sent to my published webhook address for some time and sure enough when I send a test event the server is getting back a 403 forbidden from my url which means that I too have a whitelisting problem as I have Ip and Domain restrictions in place on our iis server. Is there a domain I can whitelist for webhooks? Or is there a static now?


:wave: Webhooks from Square originate from the following IP addresses. These are provided so you can allow access by these addresses through a firewall you are using.

Production IP addresses:


Sandbox IP addresses:


Oh, thank you Bryan!

That fixed it. :+1: