Webhooks for multiple environments using the correct signatureKey?

Hi, we have 4 different environments develop, test, demo, then production. Since webhooks are limited to just 3, I’ve only been able to connect develop, test, and production.

It appears all webhooks are getting notified, but it appears it’s using the wrong signatureKey when calling the webhook for the test environment, because the validation fails for test, but succeeds for develop (same code, but different signatureKeys). However, since the user is in test, when it hits the develop enivornment, obviously it can’t find the user and just fails gracefully.

I’ve verified it’s using the correct signature key for the test environment, however the hash check is failing thus it’s rejecting the events in the test environment with a 403 error.

Is there a known issue where the wrong signature key will be used when multiple webhooks are setup?

BTW when i send a test event… it gets back a 200, even though the verification actually fails on the back-end… I do this because I don’t want it to keep sending failed events to the wrong environment.

I’m assuming, when an event occurs, it sends the event to all webhooks, each with it’s own signatureKey.

LOL… ok, figure it out, I forgot to update the URL used for the hash!

Haha it can definitely be tricky to keep everything straight with multiple environments. Glad you got it figured out, thanks for updating!