Webhook payload JSON format

Is there a standard format for the json object in a webhook?

I was wondering if there was a definition somewhere in the documentation.

The payloads I’ve looked at so far seem to have a general structure as shown below
“merchant_id”: “6SSW7HV8K2ST5”,
“type”: “payment.updated”,
“event_id”: “6a8f5f28-54a1-4eb0-a98a-3111513fd4fc”,
“created_at”: “2020-02-06T21:27:34.308Z”,
“data”: {
“type”: “payment”,
“id”: “KkAkhdMsgzn59SM8A89WgKwekxLZY”,
“object”: { …

The Object can then be of varying format, dependent upon the type of the webhook.

We have an example webhook payloads in our API Reference but you are correct, that is the general style of a webhook. :slightly_smiling_face: