Web Payment SDK not working outside http://localhost:3000/, how do I enabled SSL/HTTPS or is there likely another issue?

For example, if I look at the credit card payment page at (on my LAN), it loads the web page, but incompletely without the card entry boxes.  Even (IP for localhost) fails.  Only http://localhost:3000/ appears to work.

Looking in further it appears the issue may be that Node.JS loads the page as HTTP and not HTTPS (no SSL) and then the browser refuses to load it for security reasons as an insecure payment.  If so, how can I modify the config to enable SSL?  I have generated certificate files (cert.pem and key.pem), but don't know in which JS/javascript source files I need to activate them in/for the server.

:wave: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The team is looking into this. At this point since you have successfully tested using localhost we recommend that you next deploy to further test in sandbox. :slightly_smiling_face: