We can't do any purchases on our online store

Hello, recently we added the Square plugin for WooCommerce on our website, but it seems that everytime we try to buy a product it shows the error “GENERIC_DECLINE: Authorization Error”, and we tried differents credit cards but it keeps happening, it can’t be a problem with the bank because those credit cards are use to buy another online stuff so we don’t know what is the problem so please we would like a help with this because we can’t launch our website without that working fine.

The website is: https://saunasbydesign.store

Thanks in advance and I will look forward to your reply.

I saw that you’re getting issues with transactions returning “generic decline” errors.

That error comes from the customer’s card issuer (typically a bank). In these cases, Square attempted to process the payment, but was told by the bank that they are not accepting the payment. Unfortunately, banks do not always provide detailed information about why a particular payment is declined, hence the “generic” error message.

Declines can happen for any number of reasons — it’s possible the bank suspects it may be a fraudulent payment, or it could simply be a case of incorrectly entered card information. These declines can still happen even if the card was accepted elsewhere.

Square recommends that you handle this error by prompting your customers to retry entering their payment information (in case they simply made a typo), then contact their bank if the error persists.

For additional help with the WooCommerce plugin in general, I recommend reaching out to WooCommerce support directly for assistance. The plugin is developed and managed, by their team, so they’ll be better able to help!