V1 Webhooks PAYMENT_UPDATED, using entity_id to pull order info from BatchRetrieveOrders request

I need to get my hands on the Customer_ID field and I could swear I got this info earlier from the BatchRetrieveOrders request at https://{{host}}/v2/locations/{{location_id}}/orders/batch-retrieve. Now this information is not part of the “tender” information. Where did it disappear? That’s the only place I can get my hands on the the Customer_ID field through this webhook. This is a crucial part of our application and now that this isn’t working, I have to find another way to get the Customer_ID.
What other way can I get the required data with the “entity_id” that I get from the v1 webhook.
This is mission critical for us.

This really depends on how the payment/order was created. A customer_id could be present in one or more of the following:

  1. Transaction (v2 transactions which is deprecated, but it’s possible for it to only be present here depending on how it was created)
  2. Payment (v2 payments)
  3. Order

It’s also possible for there to be a customer_id on a Payment and a different customer_id on the attached Order, if two separate customers were passed in via the API.

Since you’re using V1 webhooks, entity_id is equal to a payment_id, so you can use this id to retrieve the payment, if it’s a card payment. Otherwise, you’ll need to trim the payment_url to get the trailing transaction/order id (they’re the same id) and look it up accordingly.

Payment made at the POS system at the tennis facility. Customer selected from directory. This customer_id was present when I ran my script on 12/1 and now it’s not there if I run my script for the same entity_id.

I’ve been using the payment_url to get the order_id, and used that to get the actual order with the URL I posted earlier.

That sounds really strange. Can you share the payment_id and I’ll take a look on my side?

Sent you a PM to keep information private