UpsertCustomerCustomAttribute having an error


I’m encountering an issue while trying to create/update a customer custom attribute using UpsertCustomerCustomAttribute. It seems there’s a conflict, but the error message doesn’t provide a specific reason.

For context, I’m using a custom attribute to manage the booking status, which is defined as an enum. However, the error appears unrelated to the booking status data type itself.

Could someone clarify what’s causing this conflict? The error message is unclear.

Thanks in advance!

“errors”: [
“code”: “CONFLICT”,
“detail”: “Attempting to save a record with key=bookingstatus, parent_resource_id=52665KH1VKDZ43DWN91FEQXDWM resulted in a conflict.”,

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What’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the late reply but this is my app id: sq0idp-c5fvnrzO-Ri-ZOi-_qV5BQ

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