Unable to complete payment for merchant

I have an app that creates a payment authorisation (not auto completed) for a merchant (using the merchants oAuth token). The payment authorisation goes through fine and I get a payment.Id in the CreatePaymentResponse.

But shortly after when I try and complete the payment (using the merchants oAuth token) I get the following error:

Detail: Could not find payment Tl6glIv2jSavam8RV23KUza3a67YY

Has anyone had this issue before? This is currently in sandbox.

I can perform this task fine in my own sandbox account… Just having problems when doing this using a merchant account. Any help will be much appreciated.

Looking through my code, I am unable to create a CompletePaymentRequest body object… the SDK simply does not have in in the models. From the documentation, this has nothing in it anyway, but could this be the problem why this is failing?

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I have managed to solve this. To do so, I upgraded to the latest version of the API. This now works as expected.