Trying to upload an image using an HTTP request

Here’s the part in my multipart/form-data that references the image:

“formDataFields”: [
“key”: “image_data”,
“data”: “IMTBuffer(72814, binary, 265f78e524e223aff45433bc8e43364a320275c8): ffd8ffe000104a46494600010101006000600000ffdb0043000402030303020403030304040404050906050505050b080806090d0b0d0d0d0b0c0c0e1014110e0f130f0c0c1218121315161717170e11191b19161a14161716ffdb004301040404050505”,
“fileName”: “file.jpeg”,
“fieldType”: “file”
“key”: “idempotency_key”,
“value”: “72814”,
“fieldType”: “text”

but I got a Bad Request error:

Value is expected to be map[string]interface {}, but received number

For context, I’m using the HTTP Request in to do a Get a File from a URL, and then in the next module I’m doing an HTTP Request to the Square API

I’m not familiar with however they could be malforming the request body. If you try it with Postman do you get the same error? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll investigate Postman. Make is the new version of Integromat