Tokenization taking too much time

in payment.tokenize() method , to get response from card nonce api call taking too much time , at that time how can i handle the error and break the process if it is not completed in a quick time. because my ui is in block state till response comes. thats not a good practice to block ui for a long time. i need to handle the error or need to exit tokenization process… suggest me how… immediate response will be appriciable.

:wave: Tokenization shouldn’t take but a few seconds. How long is it taking for your application to get the token back? :slightly_smiling_face:

some times it is executing quickly, but some times it is taking too much time,response is not coming for a long time, at that time i need to handle that, just like to break the execution and show error message like request processing error. as it is a async function where can i handle that.

At this time when you call tokenize it will either return a token or errors. There isn’t a way to cancel tokenize once requested. Do you have a token that took a long time to get after the request and do you log the time of the request? I could then check our logs to see when we sent the tokenized card back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Random thought -

Could you charge the card (with the nonce from the form), and then afterwards use the nonce to create the saved card?

I realize it’s a second code path to test, but just a thought.

:wave: The nonce is a one time use token so using to to charge a card and then save it on file isn’t possible. :slightly_smiling_face: