Third party API

I have a 3rd party supplier that gave me my API to import to my square site. When a customer orders something off their catalog through my page the order will be made through my site and payment will be made through my site but these orders will be forwarded to their site. without me having to do that. I would like to know what are the steps involved and a concern i have is how do conditional options work since my supplier’s catalog have conditional options and square up does not. PLease help and thank you in advance.

:wave: With Square you can definitely take orders and process payments on your site. However the ability to forward them to a 3rd party supplier isn’t currently available. Also what are some examples of conditional options your suppliers catalog has? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your time and respondin.

So basically Depending on the size there might be some colors that won’t be available or depending on a shape there won’t be certain sizes available.

As for forwarding them the orders I thought that was what the API was for, NO?

Have you looked at adding item options for the catalog objects?

If the 3rd party account is OAuth’d to your Square account they can pull orders from your account or if they’re subscribed to webhook they could listen for paid orders to receive all the incoming requests. Otherwise you’d need to send the order to the 3rd party by getting the order from the API and sending the information to the 3rd party. :slightly_smiling_face: