Terminal is Damaged display while using terminal API

Is there any way to recover once a terminal starts displaying the “Terminal is Damaged” message, or is it just a case of “buy a new one”?

I assume this is the message that means “the secure element has thrown the keys away”…

(If you would like to check anything on your end, the device ID is 238CS145B2002951 and the location ID for this terminal is L8MSBCS94TPG5. It’s just under one year old, and was working fine the day before.)

Are you able to do a factory reset? If not you’ll need to replace the device. :slight_smile:

Is that the “hold the power button in for a long time” procedure?

I’ll give it a go when I’m next in the same location as the terminal.

It’s a bit different for Terminal. Here are the instructions on this page. :slight_smile: