Terminal API: New Fields in Beta

Hey everyone! To continue improving the parity between the Terminal API and Payments API, we have launched 4 new fields into beta on the CreateTerminalCheckout endpoint. All fields are available to developers in the US, except for team_member_id, which is available across all markets.

  • team_member_id: Associate a Team Member ID with a payment.
  • statement_description_identifier: Include any relevant payment information on the customer’s card statement (i.e. invoice number, ticket number, etc).
  • tip_money: Indicate the payment amount designated as a tip (i.e. when the buyer selects the tip amount on your point-of-sale instead of the Terminal).
  • delay_action: When using delayed capture, choose to cancel or complete a payment when the delay_duration time period has passed.

Check out the docs. Let us know if you have any questions!