Subscriptions Permission For Storing Card

I noticed in the Cards API doc it says to always ask permission to store user’s card information on file. This makes sense but in the context of a Subscription there is no reason to generate a payment token unless we can also store it as a card, via Card API, to supply it to the create subscription, as you cannot supply a payment id or token to it afaik, and the Subscription API handles invoicing, payments, on its own.


  1. is it expected for this to be prompted/toggleable to the user in the case of subscriptions?
  2. If so, when a user does not consent, would the expected behavior be to allow a user to subscribe and be invoiced by email later, with no reason for a user to enter payment info/generate a payment token?

You don’t need to have a toggle however you can let the customer know that by entering the card information it will be stored for future subscription payments. This is still letting them opt in to having their card information stored. If they don’t want it stored they don’t have to proceed in signing up for the subscription. :slightly_smiling_face: