Strong Customer Authentication minimum amount and possible offline challenge

We are looking at processing payments from the UK and I just saw that SCA is required to process payments.
If we provide enough information about the customer, address, full name, email and phone number is SCA still required?
Is there a minimum amount where SCA is not required?

We are providing an iOS/Android in-app payment system that doesn’t have a live internet connection. So when we create a payment we can collect all the data and send it through our router to the payment server connected to square, process the payment and send back the response which gets back to the users App. If SCA is required can the challenge or authentication method be done in a similar way?


:wave: SCA is required when processing payments in the UK with the In-App Payments SDK. Banks can challenge any payment they like which is what the additional information if for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does that mean if we validate a customer once and the bank challenge is successful that they can then challenge all future charges eventhough we have already proved that customers identity and card?

That’s correct. Every charge can be challenged. :slightly_smiling_face: