Squareup login Integration in iOS

I am implementing Squareup SDK in my app, but unable to get appropriate solution for integration.How can I get user information as there is no code given on developer.portal for login intergration.

On GitHub and developer portal, steps are only given for making payment ,no steps or code given for retrieve (customer/user) info.

Here is GitHub link: https: //github dot com/square/SquarePointOfSaleSDK-iOS

If anyone have idea to login integration in iOS ,please guide or give some reference link.


There is no login integration; the merchant/user in this scenario is expected to be logged into the Square POS application. If the app is not logged in, POS API would hit the callback with an error about it not being logged in. You are not able to login to the Square POS application for them, though, they would still need to do that.

Hi sjosey, thanks for your help. It is helpful for me.