Square Web hooks making multiple requests to our server


In our case what is happening is that we have added Webhook subscription regarding following 3 events:


The gist of our application is that whenever an order happens for our square account through ios or android application that we have built, a push will be sent to the vendor that the order happens.

We also send push when status of the order gets changed like

Mark In Progress
Order ready
Delivery Pickup

For this we have defined an API on our server that will get called when the any of the above 3 events gets fired from the square end.

Now the problem is that from last one year these requests are coming from square at the random manner that exceed its daily limit of 20 thousand plus requests, even if no new order happens or updates the status of any order.

In last 1 week it blocked our server as its daily limit reaches 50000 plus. So we have to manually disable the square IPs that are making these random requests.

So please guide us or let us know how to resolve this issue as the requests are coming from the square end.


I’m not sure I fully understand the question. Where is this daily limit defined? Depending on an applications volume it could receive hundreds of thousands if not millions of webhooks in a day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

There is no daily limit defined, but what i am trying to say that we received bulk requests from square webhooks, even if no order is placed for our square account or neither we changed status of any of our previous orders. What would be the reason behind this could you help us in this?

Do you have an example of an event that you shouldn’t be receiving? :slightly_smiling_face: