Square Purchase Orders should allow me to order in the same unit type as I am selling

As a User of Square Purchase Orders. I want to be able to order in the same unit category as I am selling.

i.e I sell flooring. A user might not always require a full integer amount of flooring. They at times will require different ammounts depending on their specification.

If I sell a floor at €X per square meter. The cost price is being improted from the unit library price which is set at the cost per square meter as this is how it is sold. When I go to order this through the Square Purchase Order functionality it will only allow me to include a quantity as a whole round number.

We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slight_smile:

Hi Bryan


Our issue is that our supplier sell one box of flooring. However, 1 box might equal 1.4 square meters. If i am ordering the flooring the product is sold to us per square meter. Inserting 1 as the quantity makes no sense to them. They would be expecting to see 1.4

Can you also please advise on the current turn around times or process in place for dealing with feature requests? If a product owner requires more input i would be happy to do so.

Thanks for providing the additional context. With feature requests there’s no guarantee that a feature like this will make it on a teams roadmap or get built at all. Teams gather feature requests and prioritize accordingly in addition to other engineering priorities. :slight_smile: