Square POS 6.2 Returns API Error

Hi There,

I recently upgraded my Square POS App to version 6.2 was 5.97.
My iOS app built with SDK 3.5.2 is initiating credit card payment requests via the SCCAPIRequest.

Since upgrade the Square POS App pops up msg box
API Error
Point of Sale must be connected to the Internet to validate your settings before taking payments. Please check your internet connection and retry your request.

I have 14 iPad on 5.97 working OK 6 on 6.2 all exhibiting this problem.
All iPads on V 15.7

Can anyone shed some light

Kind regards


Can confirm the same issue here with our app, started yesterday.

SquarePointOfSaleSDK-iOS v3.5.2
Square POS 6.2

We filed a ticket with the API team and are awaiting a response.

The Point of Sale API was having issues but the team deployed a fix. Are you still running into the issue? :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks good from our end now, thanks!

Can confirm all looks good now.

Many thanks