Square Payment Form Autofill On Google Chrome Doesn't Trigger Expiration Date Event

When using autofill for Square payment form (multi element form), the expiration date event not triggered but the expiration date input filled properly.
Below is the event triggered after autofill

Is there any workaround for this issue?

Bump! I’m wondering if anyone have the same problem with autocomplete.

Apologies for the delay, I’m seeing the same behavior as you. I’ve escalated this to our Payment Form team and will follow-up once I have more info from them. Thanks for reporting!

Like always! Always Stephen answering my question :smiley:
Really appreciate for your help!

@sjosey Hi Stephen, just checking if there is any update about this. Also, just wanted to make sure if it’s a bug and not our wrong implementation.

Whoops, sorry about that. I forgot to follow-up here. It seems to be a known issue (bug) but no ETA on when it will be resolved unfortunately.

OK. Is there any suggestion about what we can do here? Any workaround?
The merchant keeps complaining to us.

Could you clarify what you’re doing on your side that is relying on this callback that causes the merchant issues? Are you checking to see if it’s filled and if not, they can’t process the order (or something)?

So, when the customer using autofill against the payment form, the expiration date input field callback not triggered. Our payment button is disabled until all necessary information are filled properly.

Is there any way to understand which input in the payment form not filled properly without relying on the callback event?

Well the cardNonceResponseReceived would definitely return an error rather than a nonce if everything wasn’t filled, so you could use that as an opportunity to let the customer know they missed something. Unfortunately until this is fixed (which we have no ETA on), your best bet would be removing the “payment button is disabled until all necessary information are filled properly” since this could prevent customers using the autofill functionality.

Any update on this issue?

No further updates on this. We don’t control autofill with the form. It’s allowed however it’s up to the browser to correctly populate. :slightly_smiling_face: