Square Online Orders

Would it be possible to change the 15 minute increments for pickup/delivery to 5 minutes, or so it can be predefined by what the company chooses to have?

Hey, I’m not sure if you can change specifically the time increment from 15 to 5. But, what problem are you trying to solve? Does the company want 1 order every 5 min?

At the moment we are just testing but when customers go to select a pickup or delivery time it only displays in 15 minute increments (eg 11:00, 11:15) so can this be changed so customers can pick a more accurate time for when they wish to collect an order, if you see what I mean?

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Yes, I understand what you’re saying. It does not appear to be possible from the normal square dashboard. I’ve been using online ordering for about a year now, and before you could not even control how many orders came in within any time slot.

Customers are rarely precisely on-time, so I think # of orders per 15 min is a practical solution. It’s more of managing expectations and orders. Before they had this solution implemented, we had 30 orders scheduled for the exact time we opened. That is no longer possible.

Would be good if this could be a feature request and then the company can choose their time increments.

How do I go about submitting the request?

Marking it as a feature request (which it looks like you or someone has done already) is good enough :slight_smile: . Our PMs see the feature requests on these forums and do use it to decide on what to work on.

Is it possible for this feature to be picked up on and added? It’s the main reason the company I’m doing the website for wants to move site provider, as all the other features they need for square perfectly, and this would be the only drawback.