Square Inventory Webhook QUESTION

When a merchant marks the Item Availability of an item in Square for Restaurants as unavailable, should that trigger an Inventory update webhook event? I have a merchant saying that it used to work differently where this action was updating item availability in our app (via webhook under the hood), but does not anymore. They last saw it working how they expected on Saturday, April 3rd. What’s the expected behavior here? Is there any chance this behavior was changed recently?

As far as I know, this shouldn’t trigger an inventory webhook, as it’s not actually changing the inventory. It probably would trigger a catalog.version.updated webhook if it actually changes the availability field, but I wouldn’t suspect it to fire an inventory webhook.

If you think it really was working, please share your Square app id, and the Square location id of the merchant so I can take a look at the logs on our side to see if I can match up anything.

Hi Stephen,

I’m not sure if it was working this way, but your explanation makes sense. I just thought it was strange that it was supposedly working then changed. I tried myself but wasn’t able to get it to trigger an inventory webhook. I’ll go ahead and DM you that information.