Square connect api example - C#

I’m building a web application that leverages the Square SDK/API with a .Net 3.1 MVC app to handle credit card payments.

I found the sample solution that leverages Razor pages using C#

The issue I’m facing, the app can process the payment fine but when I try to do a page redirect to a “payment confirmation” page the same page (with the card form) remains on the browser window. In other words I dont get to see my payment confirmation screen. Below is a my ProcessPayment

public class ProcessPaymentModel : PageModel
private SquareClient client;
private string locationId;

public ProcessPaymentModel(Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.IConfiguration configuration)
var environment = configuration[“AppSettings:Environment”] == “sandbox” ?
Square.Environment.Sandbox : Square.Environment.Production;

 client = new SquareClient.Builder()
     .UserAgentDetail("sample_app_csharp_payment") // Remove or replace this detail when building your own app

 locationId = configuration["AppSettings:LocationId"];


public async Task OnPostAsync()
var request = JObject.Parse(await new StreamReader(Request.Body).ReadToEndAsync());
var token = (String)request[“token”];
var idempotencyKey = (String)request[“idempotencyKey”];
var PaymentsApi = client.PaymentsApi;

 // Get the currency for the location
 var retrieveLocationResponse = await client.LocationsApi.RetrieveLocationAsync(locationId: locationId);
 var currency = retrieveLocationResponse.Location.Currency;

 // Monetary amounts are specified in the smallest unit of the applicable currency.
 // This amount is in cents. It's also hard-coded for $1.00,
 // which isn't very useful.
 var amount = new Money.Builder()

 // To learn more about splitting payments with additional recipients,
 // see the Payments API documentation on our [developer site]
 // (https://developer.squareup.com/docs/payments-api/overview).
 var createPaymentRequest = new CreatePaymentRequest.Builder(
     sourceId: token,
     idempotencyKey: idempotencyKey,
     amountMoney: amount)

   var response = await PaymentsApi.CreatePaymentAsync(createPaymentRequest);
   if (response.Payment.Status == "COMPLETED" && response.Errors == null)
        return new RedirectToPageResult("/Confirmation");
   //return new JsonResult(new { payment = response.Payment });
 catch (ApiException e)
  return new JsonResult(new { errors = e.Errors });


This is a simplified page I wish to display after payment is successful

@model sqRazorSample.Pages.ConfirmationModel
ViewData[“Title”] = “Payment Processed”;

Payment successful

.......have other html content and a button to return the user to Index page

Using Redirect(string) should redirect you to your custom confirmation page when a payments completed. :slightly_smiling_face: