Skip SCA for automatic mothly payments

Currently we are working with automatic monthly payments, where every month amount gets changed. Now we are stuck because we need to make payment from the saved cards but what if card has to go under SCA process.

Is there any way that if user has authenticated its card while adding, then on next payment we can skip the OTP process? As monthly payments are through scripts.

Any solution would be appreciated. Thanks & have a great day.

:wave: Unfortunately there’s no way to fully avoid SCA. You’ll want to add a call to verifyBuyer with the customer information from the Customers API. Please see how to charge a card on file with SCA.

Also are these recurring payments ones with our Subscriptions API or are you handling the recurring logic with your application. If it’s with the Subscriptions API we handle all the verifyBuyer logic when processing the recurring payment. :slightly_smiling_face: