Sign up for square within app


I am developing an app that has multiple users. I currently have the oauth system set up so that merchants on my app can sell to customers as described on the oauth flow api. I am aware that all merchants must have square accounts, but I’m wondering if it is possible to set up these accounts from within my app. Is it possible for the seller to put in their information and have it send a request to square to setup the account using that information? I’ve seen some apps do it, and I want to avoid having the user visit the square website to sign up. I’ve downloaded some apps on your case studies, and they only ask for basic information (Name, email, last 4 digits of ssn, and bank details). I’m assuming that these are used to sign up to square since as a seller I need a square account.

Unfortunately not, the Square seller must directly sign up within Square’s website. There’s no way you (the developer or application) can create a Square account for them unfortunately. As for other apps doing it, it’s very possible that there’s a non-public feature that is available to our partners, but even that would be news to me, so I’m surprised to hear that.

Just to clarify. I am not saying that I will create an account for them, but the seller can type in the information that square requires but from inside the app, and that information is used to create an account on the website. I know you probably understood the original question, I just want to make sure since I’ve seen a partner of yours do it. I’m assuming it’s not a public feature.

Thanks for clarifying, and no worries. To be clear: there’s no way to create an account for a merchant, nor is there a way to collect information from them and forward it to the website, unfortunately.