Shipping weight - can we change it to 3 decimal places?

Can we please have the ability for shipping weight to be entered and kept to 3 decimal places?

I have a lot of smaller items which can be shipped for a cheaper rate, but as I can’t enter their actual correct weight in as square automatically rounds it up, it means i have to enter “fake” weights for all my other products so they don’t fall into the wrong shipping price category which then throws out all of my shipping options.

For example, I want products between .001 and .012 to be shipped at a cheaper rate, but as I can’t have 3 decimal places I have to round it up to 2 decimal places, which then means the true weights of my slightly heavier products have to be “made up”, as in reality they are .013 grams and above in weight, but currently I have to make them now be at least .02 so they don’t fall into the cheaper shipping category that is not applicable to those items.

Are you creating orders and reading them from the API? If so have you looked at using metadata? :slightly_smiling_face: