Shipping Profiles Should Not Immediately Load Entire Mockup Catalog

Hey there. I had a big issue that’s essentially crashed my ability to edit my site and shown me a huge oversight on the website’s shipping profiles editor.

See I use Printful in tandem with Square, and they create great free mockups for my site, for each color and style, which are then uploaded with my items. After a year or so of creating new products, this has amounted to a catalog of something like 17GB of images.

So when I go to edit my largest shipping profile now, the site attempts to load that ENTIRE catalog to be ready for editing. This is the oversight. You should first be lead to a “general settings” landing page, where you can edit the country/price/name etc. and then view those images if you need to.

I do not need to see my product, just turn off shipping to Australia, or change the price. You feel me? I would be having no issue right now if the shipping editor didn’t try to load all of those images immediately. Please please please change this ASAP.

Is this with the Square online store? If so I’d recommend reaching out to the Customer Success team about this. This Forum is for Square Developer questions/findings. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was sent here by support to request this change to the site.
Also, i’ve found somewhat of a workaround. i made 3 profiles for the same item type and although it’s annoying to edit all 3 of them when i want to change something, they now all load

Happy to hear you found a bit of a workaround. Are you sure it’s this forum that they wanted you to post this. It seams more fitting in Seller Community since it’s with the Square Online Store. This forum is more for developers that are integrating Square payments in their own sites and apps that don’t use the Square Online Store. :slightly_smiling_face: