Shift endpoint gives NULL for end_date

I’m trying to get the Labor cost via Labor API using the Shift endpoint. Basically I see start/end date and the hourly rate using which I can get the difference between start and end date and times the hourly rate to get Labor cost. But the strange thing I found was that for current day, the shift endpoint always returns NULL as the end date until the day is closed whereas the Square Dashboard displays the Labor cost. Is there a reason or any other way by which I can fetch the Labor cost shown on the Square dashboard for current day?

Has the shift ended? If the shift is still in progress the end_date will be NULL till it’s actually ended. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the update, if that is the case, why do I see the Labor cost during the day on Square dashboard? Shouldn’t the dashboard also not show anything on Labor?

The labor cost that the Dashboard is showing is the current calculated labor cost of the shift. For example if the shift started at 9am and its 9:50am it shows .87 of the hours labor cost. :slightly_smiling_face: